Kale and Feta Salad

Well this past month, I have been eating SO unhealthy. I have been in and out of town for 4 weeks for vacation and work. I really have only been in my apartment for 10 days total this whole month. I need to get back on track with healthy eating!

You probably have started noticing a trend that I like to eat a lot of kale. I was the same with spinach for a long time but since kale is a lot denser than spinach, I tend to like it more. I found a recipe online for a Kale and Feta salad that uses apple cider vinegar for dressing. I topped it off with some left over roast beef. I love the way the apples and feta taste together! Some modifications I made were using sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts because they were way too expensive for a small bag! Also, I did not add currants because I couldn’t find them at Whole Foods.

Find the recipe at Allrecipes


sunflower seeds

Topped with roast beef


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