As you may have read in my last post, I haven’t posted in the past two weeks. This last week, I forgot to cook something so I will be learning 2 recipes this week.

My mom was craving doughnuts while we were shopping today. We were at the grocery store and I asked her if she wanted me to learn how to make donuts using the Pillsbury biscuit dough which I heard works really well.

She wanted me to try to make a twisted donut and I was confident in telling her that I could do it knowing that there might be a high chance in disaster since I’ve never made these.

I popped open the grands roll and split each slice into two and twisted those two parts. I tested one in the oil and it expanded so much! I ended up cutting those in half to make smaller donuts which ended up being a perfect size.

One thing to make sure of is that the oil isn’t too hot because it cooks the outside quickly leaving the inside doughy. It was a success because when i served them to my parents. They kept coming back for more!

Find the recipe at Kirbie’s Cravings.


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