Lomo Saltado

It was probably about 8 years ago when I first tried Lomo Saltado from the famous peruvian restaurant called Mario’s in LA. I was in LA with my cousin’s, Chris and Jhes, and their friends recommended we go there. We were a bit concerned because we all haven’t tried Peruvian food but their friends reassured us it was good! We get there and see that the restaurant has a B “heath grade”. Of course, we get even more worried! Their friends suggested we get the lomo saltado and I’m pretty sure it changed my life. The flavor was so amazing! Ever since then, I have never forgotten that taste and I’ve been on the search to find the best lomo saltado in the bay. Unfortunately, years later, I still haven’t found one that tastes like Mario’s lomo saltado. The most common way I’ve seen it served as is tapas. No. I want a full on meal with rice!

While visiting my parents in Tracy, I told them I was going to cook it for them. They fell in love with it and my dad even said “Now I don’t have to worry if you are eating in San Francisco. I know you can cook now!” I think I can still perfect the recipe but it’s getting close to Mario’s. I am glad I can at least cook some kind of version for myself to enjoy anytime I want!

Find the recipe on


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